LX2 Pain Pro LED & LASER

Trigger Point Release and Pain Management

The THOR LX2 is a device that emits red and near-infrared (NIR) light, built to specifications supported through PBM clinical trials.

PBM clinical trials with similar wavelengths and power densities have been demonstrated:

  • Analgesia can be achieved with high power density lasers targeting the nerves at the spine, nerve roots, nerve plexuses, and along the course of the nerve.

  • Trigger Points can be deactivated with high power density lasers.

The THOR 200mW single point laser probe has a built in trigger point / tender point locator which tells you the best places to treat. It measures electrical resistance in the skin; wherever the resistance drops, that is the ideal point to treat.

This therapy can be utilized in conjunction with NovoTHOR or as a stand alone therapy.  ​