Jim D. – Brainstem stroke and achilles tendon partial tear

6 months post-stroke, fully recovered, thanks in part to PBM therapy at Texas Laser Therapy

My wife and I have had several opportunities to be treated at Texas Laser Therapy with the Thor laser and LED. It is an amazing therapy tool.

My wife had a severe ankle sprain, and the light therapy treatment immediately eased the pain and reduced the swelling and edema. The healing occurred so quickly she was off of crutches in half the normal time. She is a big believer in PBM therapy, so much so she convinced me to be treated after and I injured myself when a section of stage collapsed under me as I was walking up on stage at church and causing a partial tear of my Achilles tendon in my left heel. The swelling, edema and soreness subsided very quickly, and with the use of a restrictive boot for only 1 month, and the light therapy, I have no problems with the tendon. The healing was very quick.

On December 10, 2016, I suffered a hemorrhagic brainstem stroke. The headaches that followed were annoying. I was hospitalized for 11 days after the stroke and had a constant headache at the site of the stroke.  After the first treatment on day 12, my headache was gone. The treatment protocol I have had to this day keeps these headaches at bay. The healing has been so dramatic; my doctor stated that six months later all residual effects of the stroke are gone and declared that I am fully back to normal function.  I attribute this to the PBM treatment received since my stroke.

Jim D. – San Antonio, TX

Eddie D. – Broken L5 Vertebrae (lower back)

9 days after broken back, 1 treatment and able to come off pain meds

My wife Janet had a recent knee injury an received treatment with the mobile hand laser unit and it reduced her pain greatly and she gained better mobility, immediately!Most recently I fell off a ladder and broke my back. I received treatment on and around my Burst L-5 and within a day I have come off my pain medication, I am able to be up longer, and I am able to sit upright more comfortably. It’s been eleven days since my fall. My wife and I highly recommend Texas Laser Therapy.

Candice R. – Chronic pain that became acutely severe after MRI procedure

Each of those sessions made a notable impact on my pain level, but it was after the third session that I felt the most relief. My nerve pain was nearly completely gone!

I am a medical massage therapist and have been in practice for nearly seven years. I work a lot, usually six days a week, but I also take moderately good care of myself through strength training and healthy nutrition.

About six months ago I started having pain in my hand, it was a nagging localized pain, but it wasn’t significant enough to slow my work schedule down. After a few months the pain hadn’t gone away and had brought along radiating nerve pain from my elbow down into my hand.

This is when I knew I had to figure out what was going on because the pain was manifesting on a greater scale and it was affecting how I worked. I went down a path of seeking help to alleviate my pain. I started going to an acupuncturist, I went to an orthopedic surgeon, I went to a physician’s assistant and had a series of steroid and nerve deadening injections, and even got an MRI of my arm and hand. Unfortunately the MRI was what tipped me over the edge.  It made my pain almost unbearable, pain I had never experienced before! Burning, tingling, numbness, shooting pains all at once down through my forearm and hand. In all my efforts at trying to heal the problem, it had gotten to the point that I was never even slightly comfortable and being controlled by pain. My work was beyond challenging, I had no feeling in my left hand and arm but I continued through massage sessions gritting back my own discomfort and sometimes crying just to release anything, since I couldn’t be released of the pain.

A silver lining though. I was introduced to laser therapy at Texas Laser Therapy and I had two treatments exactly one week apart.  But after my MRI and the acute increase in pain it induced, I was put on a more aggressive treatment plan. So I did a series of for condensed laser therapy sessions every 36 hours. Going into it, I was in constant pain and felt desperate. Each of those sessions made a notable impact on my pain level, but it was after the third session that I felt the most relief. My nerve pain was nearly completely gone! I finally felt like I was in my normal body again!

Now I do periodic laser treatments for a tune-up because I do overuse my arms and hands and I want to feel as good as I can. I’m busy and I plan to stay busy, so laser therapy is a great accompaniment for my busy schedule. I feel blessed to have found something that compliments my own natural performance and aids my body in a natural healing process.

Candice R., Licensed Medical Massage Practitioner – New Braunfels, TX

Alisa L. – Triceps and quadraceps muscles

The pain is gone now, and my mobility has returned.

I over-extended/strained my tricep muscle (upper arm) and also my quadricep tendons (just above the kneecap area) while doing some heavy housecleaning. The pain affected my mobility and quality of life. The healing process was very slow, until I was introduced to LED “light” treatments, once a week for about two months. I began to feel better. Laser treatments were further added for my knee area, and I believe that sped up the healing. The pain is gone now, and my mobility has returned. Thank you so much for providing this non-invasive and non-painful type of natural treatment.

Alisa L. – San Antonio, TX

Caleb K. – Muscle Spasms

Dallas, TX

“I’m going to chiropractic school and wanted to experience different rehab modalities. Using NovoTHOR I noticed more relaxation of certain spastic muscles.”

Mike R.  –  Acute Sciatic Pain   

Like a miracle, the pain was gone.

About two weeks before my treatment with PBM I was doing some lifting jobs around the house and felt fine. Later on during the night I started feeling pain in my lower left hip area. I thought I had strained my back muscles and proceeded to rub on some sports cream in an effort to alleviate the pain. I also used heat pads in the days that followed with no relief.

I met Valerie and told her what happened and she suggested using light therapy. I was skeptical but thought I would give it a try. I had one 12 minute session and for the first time since the pain started I started to feel a big relief. The next day I returned for another session and like a miracle, the pain was gone and I feel fine.

I highly recommend PBM therapy for anyone in pain. The sessions are short but the relief is unexplainable. The appointments are easy to make as well. If you are in pain please do not wait a minute longer, call! Thank you!!

Debbie E. –  Acute Groin Strain  

Same-day treatment as the injury made all the difference

I was introduced to the light therapy program as I was interviewing its new proprietor just weeks ago. I had an interest in this therapy, as my husband was a dentist and light therapy has been used in dentistry very successfully and we had not heard of it for pain management. The new NovoThor light bed is new but the technology stems back to the late 80’s. After attending a seminar with its inventor I was convinced this therapy would help my husbands sciatica and neck pain from years of dentistry and I was also intrigued about weight loss benefits as well.

After 4 treatments (about 11 minutes in the bed) each time, my husband has seen a notable improvement in his discomfort at work and while he sleeps and on waking in the morning.

Up until yesterday was not a person that had any pain whatsoever… then came a 64 mile bike festival.  I had done long distance biking working up to this distance and as recently as 2 weeks ago had a personal best of 58 miles. Yesterday with the wind and whatever circumstances around the 30 mile mark I began to have hip / groin pain in my left leg. Being stubborn, I slowed the pace and kept going until the 53 mile mark when I told my husband I was done and had the SAG team drive me home. I could barely climb into the truck. Walking was getting difficult. Stairs impossible.

Knowing my now good friend Valerie had asked me to report on my bike festival and how we did I texted her to share what was happening. Pain level for me was 15 on a 1 – 10 scale. She immediately told me to meet her at 6pm at the center on a Saturday evening after hours as the faster you get light to an injury the faster the results. I could barely walk to the car and into the building without help. My husband discovered if I walked backwards dragging my feet I could move more safely. I could not get out of the light bed after my 15 minute session without the help of my husband.

There were no immediate effects that evening and I put in the longest night of my life unable to turn side to side and excruciating hip (groin) pain lying on my back. At some time around 6 am I must have fallen asleep.

When I awoke around 8:30 my pain level was now 11. I more easily got out of bed. Struggled in the bathroom to sit and stand. Stairs were still a major challenge but not as much pain as last evening.

Valerie insisted on meeting me Sunday at 2 for another 15 minute session where I walked in on my own, not walking backwards, got dressed and undressed without help and in and out of the light bed. God new I was going to have this challenge which is why I truly believe he brought PBM therapy into my life and now I will share this knowledge to help others.

November 16th, 2016 (Monday) I awoke this morning with almost no pain and a good night sleep. I had scheduled a light therapy appointment for this evening and reported my pain level at 3 out of 10.

November 18th (Wednesday) I rode my bike 8 miles today with only slight discomfort in the area of injury. I truly am amazed that I have almost no pain after my evening session of light therapy tonight.  I left tonights therapy session (15 minutes) I can just barely tell that I have had an injury – pain level 1 out of 10. I think having therapy in this acute situation immediately on the same day as the injury helped to improve the rate at which I recovered.

I highly recommend that people need to seek this therapy for chronic and acute pain. Expect to receive benefits. She promised I would be walking by Friday … I was doing that on Monday. Amazing….. Debbie E.