Candice R. – Chronic radiating hand and arm pain

Each of those sessions made a notable impact on my pain level, but it was after the third session that I felt the most relief. My nerve pain was nearly completely gone!

I am a medical massage therapist and have been in practice for nearly seven years. I work a lot, usually six days a week, but I also take moderately good care of myself through strength training and healthy nutrition.

About six months ago I started having pain in my hand, it was a nagging localized pain, but it wasn’t significant enough to slow my work schedule down. After a few months the pain hadn’t gone away and had brought along radiating nerve pain from my elbow down into my hand.

This is when I knew I had to figure out what was going on because the pain was manifesting on a greater scale and it was affecting how I worked. I went down a path of seeking help to alleviate my pain. I started going to an acupuncturist, I went to an orthopedic surgeon, I went to a physician’s assistant and had a series of steroid and nerve deadening injections, and even got an MRI of my arm and hand. Unfortunately the MRI was what tipped me over the edge.  It made my pain almost unbearable, pain I had never experienced before! Burning, tingling, numbness, shooting pains all at once down through my forearm and hand. In all my efforts at trying to heal the problem, it had gotten to the point that I was never even slightly comfortable and being controlled by pain. My work was beyond challenging, I had no feeling in my left hand and arm but I continued through massage sessions gritting back my own discomfort and sometimes crying just to release anything, since I couldn’t be released of the pain.

A silver lining though. I was introduced to laser therapy at Texas Laser Therapy and I had two treatments exactly one week apart.  But after my MRI and the acute increase in pain it induced, I was put on a more aggressive treatment plan. So I did a series of for condensed laser therapy sessions every 36 hours. Going into it, I was in constant pain and felt desperate. Each of those sessions made a notable impact on my pain level, but it was after the third session that I felt the most relief. My nerve pain was nearly completely gone! I finally felt like I was in my normal body again!

Now I do periodic laser treatments for a tune-up because I do overuse my arms and hands and I want to feel as good as I can. I’m busy and I plan to stay busy, so laser therapy is a great accompaniment for my busy schedule. I feel blessed to have found something that compliments my own natural performance and aids my body in a natural healing process.

Candice R. – Licensed Medical Massage Practitioner – New Braunfels, TX

Sheri B. – Chronic mouth pain & swollen lymph node under jaw

…the pain ceased entirely! I was able to stop taking NSAIDs on a daily basis just to get through the day.

Thor low level laser therapy has helped me in several ways. I recently had major dental surgery with resultant chronic teeth and gum pain that was affecting my ability to sleep, work, and enjoy daily life. I had my teeth and gums treated with the Thor laser and experienced significantly reduced pain within an hour, lasting up to four to five days at a time. After six to eight treatments over several weeks, the pain ceased entirely! I was able to stop taking NSAIDs on a daily basis just to get through the day.

On a separate occasion, I had a very painful and inflamed lymph node in my neck with referred pain to my jaw. I was certain I had an abscessed tooth, but the exam by my dentist came back clear. The inflamed lymph node was due to drainage from a remnant sinus infection.  After three brief treatments with the Thor laser within a two day period, my symptoms completely subsided. It was amazing!

Sheri B. – Physical Therapist – Kerrville, TX

Hollie P. – Chronic arm pain, 1 month duration

Several months have passed since completing the four sessions and am still pain free.

For about one month I dealt with chronic pain in my right arm and elbow. I could hardly pick up a cup without wincing in pain.  I kept thinking it would get better on its own if I restricted use.  On the weekends the pain would ease up but once the work week started I was back to hardly being able to use it at all.

I discussed my issue with Dr. Henderson, the owner of Texas Laser Therapy, and decided to use PBM therapy as my treatment option instead of just masking the problem with pain medication. After the first treatment my pain was decreased drastically.  We ended up having four sessions and I noticed improvement after each treatment.

Several months have passed since completing the four sessions and am still pain free.  I have resumed normal activities, which include yard work and working out at the gym.

Hollie P. – Veterinary Technician – New Braunfels, TX

James S.- Arthritic fusion of the spine of the neck

The majority of my pain is gone and my neck mobility has improved significantly!

I recently was diagnosed with arthritic fusion of the spine of the neck (cervical spine).  I was constantly in pain and any movement would elevate the pain.  I was recently introduced to the Thor laser treatments at Texas Laser Therapy and after one treatment I noticed that my pain had subsided and my mobility had improved.  I am now on my third treatment and can say that the majority of my pain is gone and my neck mobility has improved significantly.  Needless to say, I am sold on Thor technology and would recommend this treatment.

James S., Retired US Customs Service – New Braunfels, TX

Britney M. – Chronic back pain

With that one treatment I was in no pain…

Hello everyone my name is Britney Menck and I’d love to tell you about my experience with the Thor Laser. I am 23 years old and I’ve had back pain for about 3-4 years. It’s usually a constant lower back pain when driving or standing for long periods of time. The first time I was able to experience the Thor Laser I was in a lot of pain from my neck down to lower back and I felt like I could possibly cry. I was treated with both the LED and the small laser from my neck down to my lower back and while being treated I felt the pain immediately start to vanish. I was surprisingly shocked because I had been in so much pain beforehand. With that one treatment I was in no pain for about 4 days and still had hardly any pain after that but decided to do another round so the pain wouldn’t fire back up.  To this day I still use the Thor Lazer at least once a week to keep the pain away. So to say the least I’m completely sold and would recommend it to anyone with pain. Such a wonderful experience thank you to the creators of the Thor Laser.

Britney M. – Personal Assistant, New Braunfels, TX

Fred M. – Shoulder and knee pain

Shoulder and knee pain

How did you find us?


Describe the problem you had that resulted in your seeking care PBM therapy.

Shoulder pain and knee pain.

How long did you experience this/these problem(s) before starting with PBM therapy?

3-4 years

How did this/these problem(s) affect your daily life?

Could not continue with sports

Which services did you use?

NovoTHOR       Laser Therapy

How long were you receiving therapy before you started seeing improvement?

 2 weeks

In your words, indicate the level of improvement our services provided this/these problem(s):

From 1 – 10 – its a 10

How would you describe PBM therapy to others?

Reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?

Very likely

What can we do better?


Sandra W. – Back and Knee pain

Multiple Pain Conditions

Describe the problem you had that resulted in your seeking care.

Herniated disc, knee torn in 5 places, pulled muscles in left thigh (quadriceps).

How long did you experience this/these problem(s) before starting PBM therapy?

Disc 25 years, but discs became arthritic and pain became intense.  Knee – fall July 10, 2016.

How did this/these problem(s) affect your daily life?

I was in agony, could not function.

Which services did you use?

NovoTHOR       Laser Therapy

How long were you receiving therapy before you started seeing improvement?

Improvement started immediately.  I have been coming for 3 months

In your words, indicate the level of improvement our services provided this/these problem(s):

Today I have a back pain of 1 and a leg pain of 2.

How would you describe PBM therapy to others?

A place of healing and miracles.

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?

I will recommend you to anyone in pain.  Some people are not willing to pay the money.

Clare C. – Chronic Pain

Phone interview

“I came with a completely open mind because I have been living with a lot of pain since I was 16. I am now 85 years old. I was in an accident which resulted in undiagnosed spinal issues which resulted in living with many discs out of alignment, deterioration, and constant pain. The most recent pain has been in my left shoulder; the muscles were trying to do something they were ill-equipped to do. The pain there has been constant and acute for more than 2 years.

So, when my brother suggested I try Thor Laser therapy, I thought, ‘I have nothing to lose’. By the end of the session, I was out of pain, and even the next day, and even coming back to England and moving things and doing things I shouldn’t do. Still no pain 10 days later! I can feel it just starting to niggle back, so I am searching for someone to be able to give me the same treatment here. Then there was the shooting pain across my lower abdomen that I’d been dealing with as a consequence of an infection that I am fighting with antibiotics. By the end of the treatment, that pain had also disappeared and has not returned. Then there were my swollen legs and ankles, something that had never happened to me before, that happened as a result of my trans-Atlantic flight. I was so concerned about it. Again, the swelling went down the next day. I did a 10-hour trip the next day coming home and the swelling has not returned. That was the most amazing thing! All that in only one treatment!

I’ve been there, tried so many things over the years to get out of pain, and this is the most successful thing I’ve ever tried!”
Mrs. Clare Coxall
Somerset, UK

Perry E. DDS  –  Chronic Neck Pain  

Chronic Neck Pain

I have been practicing dentistry for 31 years and the last 20 years have had moderate to sever pain in neck, shoulders and hips due to the stress of my profession on and off throughout my life. I have tried, massage, chiropractic, energy therapy, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories, and you name it to get me out of pain.  I have invested 1000’s of dollars.

My wife scheduled me to discuss light therapy and try a free session on the NovThor Light bed.  I was impressed with the science and the knowledge and enthusiasm for what this therapy could do for me. Even more impressive was this was an affordable therapy.

Already after a few sessions I started to feel relief.  14 sessions in, I have considerable relief of all my symptoms.  My wife asked me the other day how I was feeling as she had not heard me complain, moan when I rolled over in my sleep or groan when I get out of bed.  I estimated a 70% improvement and booked 4 more weeks to continue on this wonderful journey to health.

I also road 70 miles in a recent Bike Festival and feel great….

A side benefit is I had a dry itchy spot in my ear which I have tried creams, etc to keep the itch away.  The itchiness and dryness is improved and I not longer put creams or much less think about it …

My wife says I’m looking younger too … increasing oxygen at the cellular level reduces the aging process …

I recommend the low level light therapy for whatever ails you.

Thanks to the team!!

Bob B. – Arthritis  

Monday October 12, 2015

My wife Ann and I made our way to the office today about 1:00 PM to check out a procedure that uses light to stimulate cell function.   We were provided with a lot of information on the use of light to stimulate cell function.   Once the procedure was explained Ann and I both tried out the use of light procedure, it took only eight minutes. Both Ann and I had no issues with the light procedure and will be going back three times a week to see if using light to stimulate cell function will help us with our ills. After one eight minute light treatment we can not determine if the use of light is helping us yet, but time will tell, and remember everyone will not feel the same after receiving the light treatment, but hey, why not try it and see if it helps.

Sunday October 16 2015

Ann and I made our way to our third session of Low Level Light and Laser Therapy that I call a light beam session on Friday, October 16, 2015. We are trying to keep on track with our attempt at using healing light beams as a way of getting rid of some our out ills. This third eight minute session finds us still not sure just how much these light treatments are assisting us, but I can say Ann has had more energy and has been getting out of the house more and for longer periods of time since starting the light beam treatment. Ann and I both still have bad days and bad nights but we both seem to feel better some of the time and Ann is enjoying getting out of the house more, and we both love it when we have less pain issues. Light Beams may be what is making both Ann and I feel better, we will see as our treatment continues.

This third light session seemed to have made both Ann and I feel much better, after this third session we were able to go out to eat, drive about, and go to a two hour meeting where we sat on hard chairs, paid attention, learned some things, and we lived to talk about it – Smiles.

Wednesday October 21, 2015

Ann and I made our way for another Low Level Light and Laser Therapy (I call the procedure a light beam session) facility for our fifth eight minute light beam session. These light beam sessions continue to keep Ann and I optimistic about the light beam procedures since we are both feeling more energetic and both of us are able to get out of the house just a little more each day. Ann and I are feeling better after a week and a half of experiencing Low Level Light Therapy and can now say the energy we are feeling is not a placebo effect and if it is it is working so we are happy with the results so far. Since Ann and I are feeling better, have more energy, and are able to get out and about from the house more apparently due to our weekly sessions of light beam treatments – we will keep going to the treatments.  Ann and I are hoping light beam therapy will continue to keep us out and about more often with lots more energy – Try these light beam treatments and see if they will work for you.

Both of us still have pain issues but so far we are seeing some improvement in our individual ills, these feelings of well being may be the placebo effect (we will take any pain relief) but it may also be the light beams doing their job of melting our ills – Smiles.

February 17, 2016

Ann and I have been going for NovoTHOR whole-body light pod (semi-enclosed bed) that emits red and near-infrared light to receive what is called photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) technology which used to be called low level light therapy (LLLT). Had to copy that technical stuff from their web page, I like the term light therapy. Since Ann and I have been using this light therapy several times a week we have both had more energy and feel like getting out more and doing more fun activities than we did before using light therapy.

Ann who has lots of body pain issues with Fibromyalgia being the main pain generator was not able to get out of the house much prior to her using light therapy and now she is able to get out of the house several hours a day and we both feel her new found energy is from using light therapy.

Using light therapy sounds like science fiction or some sort of gimmick but it is working for both Ann and Me and as long as it works we are happy to use it to keep us happy.

Our two visits a week are fast and easy, I receive eight minutes while Ann who has more pain issues than I do takes in twelve minutes of light therapy.

We make an appointment, arrive, go into a booth, remove our clothing, go into the secure light therapy area, push the blue button on the therapy pod, the pod comes on emitting those red and near-infrared light lights, climb into the pod, pull the lid down over us, does not completely close so if you are claustrophobic like me you do not have to worry about being closed inside the pod.

Close your eyes and let the light do the work for you and once the light goes off, push the lid up, get dressed and head out for the rest of your day.  We enjoy the treatments and continue to have more energy as well as less pain in various areas of our bodies and have continued to use this new and improved light therapy so we can keep our energy flowing and constant

I have heard some folks who get the light therapy treatments do not notice any changes in their medical issues, body aches or other issues, while other folks get immediate relief and only do as many sessions as it takes to resolve their issues and do not continue the light therapy.

Ann and I have had such good success with the light therapy treatments we continue to go several times a week just to make sure our bodies are getting all the therapy needed to ensure we keep our energy levels up, everyone is different when it comes to therapy and what works for one may not work for the others.

I feel that we all have to do what works for US when it comes to our health and when you find something that works for you, use it until it no longer works for you.

Michael S. – Muscle Pain

Dallas, Tx

I have a discernible decrease in muscle pain the following mornings when getting out of bed.

Hope A. – Foot Pain

Dallas, Tx

I have had chronic pain in my foot that nothing seems to fix. After a few NovoTHOR sessions I am able to play soccer without the pain.

Edna C. – Knee Pain

Dallas, Tx

I’m now noticing more prolonged decrease inflammation in my knee and better mobility.