Susan M. – Wellness Goals with NovoTHOR

 Just makes your body feel good!

How did you find us?


Describe the problem you had that resulted in your seeking PBM Therapy.

Continued wellness

How long did you experience this/these problem(s) before starting PBM Therapy?


How did this/these problem(s) affect your daily life?

Not feeling as well as I could have.

Which services did you use?   Circle all that apply


How long were you receiving therapy before you started seeing improvement?


In your words, indicate the level of improvement our services provided this/these problem(s):

 Just makes your body feel good!

How would you describe the benefits you’ve seen to others?

Wonderful, relaxing, sense of well being.

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?

Very likely.

What can we do better?

Stay the same.

Martha C. – Fibromyalgia – Rheumatoid Arthirits

NovoTHOR – relief that lasted months

I started Light Therapy in December 2015. My start sessions consisted of eight eight-minute sessions on the NovoThor light bed. My intent in exploring alternative therapy was to address a long-standing Fibromyalgia issue. In recent years I have experienced increasingly painful rheumatoid arthritis (both hands and one foot), depression accompanied by brain fog, which translates to little comprehension involving everyday conversation.  Traditional medicine translated to more pills of increasing dosages. Therefore, I was open to alternative treatment.  I presented with muscle pain, burning sensations in both shoulders, back and neck areas.  Joint pain: stiff knees, ankles and fingers.  I couldn’t shake hands, open jars, bottles, pick up objects and often cringed at being touched.  Fatigue was a daily occurrence.  I slept 10 hours or more a night but not restfully and, often, fell asleep sitting on the sofa. After one NovoThor session I felt less lethargic and very relaxed.  With each ensuing treatment I felt better with all of the previously disclosed symptoms less severe. Relief lasted for months.  I felt like a happier person.  I was able to do without another session for seven months. Then, I began to regress. I am now nearing the end of eight 12-minute sessions.  I am not saying all my aches and pains are gone but I do feel much better.

Janet Y. – Fatigue

Dallas, TX – Fatigue       

I sleep better through the night and fell less fatigue in the evenings

Deanna B.  – Post Surgical Healing and Lympedema

Notable increased healing time

I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in August 2015.  My treatment plan was chemotherapy, double mastectomy, and radiation therapy.   Valerie is a friend from church who began discussing light therapy with me after I finished my chemotherapy treatments, before I had surgery.  They explained to me all the research that had been done and how light therapy has benefited many people.

I was very open minded about trying the treatment, so they recommended visiting with my oncologist. They provided me with research I could take with me, and when I visited with my radiation oncologist  he gave me permission to do the light therapy.

I did my first treatment prior to surgery to promote quicker healing.  At first, prior to the surgery, I really couldn’t tell much difference.  After surgery however, my surgeon was surprised at how quickly I was healing.  I attribute this to the light therapy I had received prior to the surgery.

Another thing I noticed that made a huge physical difference as a result of doing the light treatments was that after surgery I could feel the fluid building up in my lymph node area.  Immediately after a light therapy treatment, the fluid was gone!  That’s when I realized the biggest difference the light therapy made.

I will definitely continue with light therapy until I am completely healed.

Deanna 2016

Suzanne N. – Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue  

NovoTHOR bed has been a God-send

In 2000 after moving to FL I started my own business in the St. Pete, FL area while care-giving my parents. In 2013 I began looking for someone to run or buy my business because my energy level was getting low. My back still wasn’t feeling great either, after a rear end car accident in 2011. I wasn’t able to keep up producing all the events and marketing as I had earlier and my business continued to grow.

In April 2015, I sold my business and two homes and moved to The Villages where I could live a more active lifestyle, instead of being at a desk and computer for close to 8 hours a day with my business. As I was trying to find out what’s happening to me physically the Dr.’s told me my blood tests and all they saw indicated I was in great health. Again I’d ask them, “Why then is my body hurting all over and why am I so fatigued.” I thought it just might have been stress before but now I’m retired and happy with my new life style. So what is wrong with this picture? 3 Dr’s, in 2015, mentioned I might have fibromyalgia. So in October 2015, I decided to attend the Fibromyalgia Support group meeting in The Villages.

Valerie, from Rays of Hope, also attended. Your enthusiasm telling us about the new Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) bed and how it has helped you and so many people with their body pain and fatigue sounded wonderful. I had been in pain, throughout my entire body. It was taking me a while to get out of bed and to get going in the morning, I was fatigued and even talked to a friend 2 weeks earlier about feeling depressed, not understanding all this pain. I called Valerie the day after your talk and started a daily treatment with the Low Laser Light bed.

I jumped on this quickly because I would be leaving in two weeks on a two week vacation and I needed to find something to help me get back to my enthusiast self, so I could keep up with the gals I was going with and the others I would be meeting later. This LLLT has been a God send. I was able to get in 12 daily sessions before leaving. My body pain is gone and my fatigue is gone. I got up these last five days early each morning instead of lying in bed for about an hour thinking about getting up. I got right up feeling good. One morning I even walked a couple miles with some friends. I actually thought that would be fun. (That would not have been my thought previously.) Also I had outpatient surgery a week before starting LLLT and am amazed at how well the 3 inch incision is healing.

Thank you for being in the right place, at the right time for me.  I hope to come back after my two weeks away and report I’m still feeling great.

Suzanne N Teacher, entrepreneur The Villages FL.

Ann B. – Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

Leading a better life now!

I am so excited about this light technology.  I am Ann and was  diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2001, have arthritis and COPD. I have lived most of my adult life in pain. But it’s only been since my disability retirement in 2008 when the fatigue started being as big an issue as pain-hence the retirement. Valerie had come to our Fibromyalgia Support Group meeting about 3.5 to 4 years ago with a hand-held device and I was excited hearing about the potential for healing.  Now, here for my convenience, I can simply hop into a light therapy bed (NovoTHOR), have a light bath for 8 minutes, and relax. Wow, I have a wonderful story to tell that shows just how much this is helping already! And what’s more- it’s affordable! Yay!  I’d had 2 weeks (that’s 8 sessions of 8 minutes) and the day of the 7th (a Monday) was able to drive to an appointment. It took 40 minutes in awful traffic to get there, 1.5 hours to finish the appointment, and we hadn’t eaten all day-so we were starving. We went to my fave place and had a great meal.  By the time we got home, before I started the treatments I would have been face down in my bed from a 5 hour day. I was exhausted, but able to watch TV. More good news, though, that I slept around 12 hours-what a blessing! This is going to offer improved sleep, too, in addition to the energy boost? Halleluyah!!!! Thank you Valerie for caring so much about us to bring this healing, offer it affordably, and in such an attractive environment!  I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Ann Busby, Leader of the Fibromyalgia Support GroupAnn here again telling you how excited I am in my huge strides with the PBM technology. My hands and feet stopped hurting, my energy started rising through the roof! I was cleaning out my craft room to start some creative projects which I haven’t been interested in doing in 5 years. I’m so excited that I’m wanting to do this with just 4 months of treatment. I know that if I can continue, I’ll be leading a much more normal life in another 4 more months! Thank you for bringing this to us. I have also gotten more involved wtih the Fibromyalgia Support Group I lead. We’re having fun! Thank you thank you!

Love Ann
FM Support Group Leader

Francesca G. – Improved Energy  

Improved Energy, Clearer Mind

I have started noticing more prolonged energy throughout the day and I’m more clear minded when focusing on tasks.