NovoTHOR Whole Body Wellness Po

NovoTHOR was awarded the “ELITE SPORTS REHAB INNOVATION OF THE YEAR” award by the Elite Sports Rehabilitation Expo for our NovoTHOR Full Body Recovery Bed.  

The NovoTHOR is a whole body delivery system of Photobiomudulation (PBM) Therapy.  The advantage of the NovoTHOR is it works on the whole body in just 8-15 minutes. Regular sessions have been shown to contribute to reduction of pain, improved muscle performance and reduction of muscle fatigue.

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NovoTHOR is NOT a tanning bed. It does not heat the skin, nor does it emit harmful UV-A or UV-B rays. It does not cause the skin to lose elasticity and wrinkle prematurely.

NovoTHOR Full Body System and the LX2 Spot Therapy system have been meticulously manufactured to the highest clinical standards for the single purpose of enhancing your wellness.  NovoTHOR was developed by THOR Photomedicine Ltd – a market leader in Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy. Thor’s products and expertise ensure we deliver the right power density and optimal dose. THOR partners with leading Universities (Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Leiden University Medical Centre, Amsterdam), publishes in peer reviewed medical journals and presents at all the major PBM Therapy conferences. Thor is the only company with FDA, CE, TGA, Health Canada and NATO clearance for their medical products. To learn more about THOR and links to THOR’s extensive research and treatment library go to, and

Unlike drugs and surgery, PBM

  • actually promotes muscle & cellular regeneration

  • reduces inflammation and pain

  • is non toxic

  • is non invasive

  • has no side effects

The NovoTHOR also helps patients meet their general wellness goals.

Regular use of the NovoTHOR has shown to promote and/or contribute to the following:

  • Recovery From Acute Injuries

  • Reduced Inflammation, Stiffness and Pain

  • Stimulate Cell Repair and Function

  • Increased Circulation

  • Wound Healing

  • Effective Burn Treatment

  • Improved Lipid Profile

  • Treatment for Fibromyalgia

  • Lymph Drainage (reduce swelling)

  • Improved Immune System

  • General Wellness

  • Improved Muscle Repair and Recovery

  • Improved Muscle Strength and Development

  • Elevated Moods (aids Depression & PTSD symptoms)

Over 550 Randomized Controlled Trials have been published using PBM devices, and the technology has featured in over 4,000 laboratory studies. PBM is used in thousands of clinics, hospitals and elite sports institutions in over 70 nations.

The advantage of the NovoTHOR is that it treats the whole body. Regular treatments of just 8-15 minutes reduces pain, while improving muscle performance and reducing fatigue.

People who routinely use the NovoTHOR have reported one or more of the following observations:

  • Improved Mood

  • Improved Energy Levels

  • Increased Mental Clarity

  • More Calm and Relaxed

  • Improved Skin Condition

  • Reduced Signs of Aging

  • Improved Sleeping Patterns

  • Improved Bowel Function

  • Improved Athletic Performance with Quicker Recovery

  • Reduced symptoms from PTSD (better/longer/deeper sleep, reduced anxiety, better ability to focus)

The NovoTHOR is safe, relaxing and has no negative side effects. Clients relax into the NovoTHOR treatment pod for 8 – 20 minutes of whole-body restorative light treatment. The treatment may be repeated two or more times a week.​

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