Alberto Salazar, The Nike Oregon Project – Rio Olympics

Nike olympic runners had great success from using NovoTHOR before and during the Olympics

“I just wanted to send along a quick note expressing to you how important and instrumental the NovoTHOR has been to the Nike Oregon Project’s success this past summer. We came away with three Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal down in Rio. We had our NovoTHOR with us in training camp in Utah and we even used it in Rio, as we believe it’s a tremendous tool for our team’s recovery.”

“In the two months leading up to the Chicago Marathon, both Jordan Hasay and Galen Rupp were able to put in the highest volume and intense training of their careers and were very healthy. No injuries or major sicknesses. We rely on CryoUSA for state-of-the-art recovery treatments, including NovoTHOR and cryotherapy, and I believe these treatments are a major factor in keeping both Jordan and Galen healthy.”

Alberto Salazar, Head Coach US Nike Olympic Runners

Head Coach Once a world-class distance runner himself, now coaches athletes for the Nike Oregon Project.

Lynda Escalante – Realtor – New Braunfels, TX

Completed a 5K after Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

I have been receiving light therapy for about 5 weeks. Also had some laser therapy for plantar fasciitis. I was able to run in a 5k race last week that I would have thought impossible before I started treatment. Anyone who has pain, inflammation, or just wants to improve physical performance can benefit from NovoTHOR. I am just sharing because everyone deserves to feel better.

Megan W – National Weight Lifting Competitor

Setting new personal records after using the NovoTHOR in conjunction with training

Every training session I have had since starting novothor I have had more energy and matched or beat my current personal records.

I’ve done NovoTHOR 2-3 times a week in the afternoons before my training. As a result, I have had absolutely phenomenal training sessions. Every training session I have been hitting a Personal Record (PR) in some lift or exercise over the past few weeks. I feel like it is not only helping my body recover quicker from previous training sessions and fatigue levels, but it also seems to be giving me more energy to tackle my 2-4 hour training sessions. I truly believe that NovoTHOR is giving me a competitive edges as an athlete because I am able to push my limits further in training.

Sumo Deadlift triple:           127kg PR      (up 5 kg from previous week)

Snatch Deadlift 5 rep:            91kg PR      (up 2 kg from previous week)

Push Press + Push Jerk           75kg           (up 2kg from previous week)
+ Split Jerk Complex:

Snatch triples from                 59kg           (up 2kg from previous week)
the blocks

Clean & Jerk Doubles              83kg PR     (the most working weight I’ve ever done)

Power Clean & Jerk                  83kg PR     (the most working weight I’ve ever done)

Muscle Snatch Triple               42kg PR     (up 5 kg from previous week)

off a riser:

Front squat/back                      91kg PR    (up 3 kilos from the previous week)
squat combo

THEN I went on to do several reps of cleans and hit a 95kg Clean PR (9 kilos more than I did last week –  the heaviest clean I hit last week was 86 kg.   This was halfway through my work out after doing a total of 117 reps. In Weightlifting, a lot of volume can make your body feel tired & wrecked, so there was no explanation for why I was able to hit a PR on this exercise when my legs were fried.

Mary Lou W – Competative Weightlifter & Crossfitter

Setting new personal records after using the NovoTHOR in conjunction with training

Since starting NovoTHOR I notice my athletic conditioning excelling on a daily basis and recovery time between workout sets to be decreasing.

After my fourth session of NovoTHOR I noticed a change in my athletic conditioning. I found myself not getting as winded as fast during anaerobic workouts and my recovery time between sets of workouts was improved. On the days I feel sluggish, I notice I still performed to my normal ‘pre-NovoTHOR’ conditioning capacity where before this I would have potentially skipped training or just taken a light day. NovoTHOR has given me the capacity to push just a little harder in my training, recover just a little faster and train just a little longer which at the end of the day puts me miles ahead of my competition.”


  • October 2016, before starting NovoTHOR with training, missed 195lb (see video below)

  • Started using NovoTHOR consistently with training

  • March 2017, hit 225lb with ease (see video below)


Jake Wade – CrossFit

Shoulder injury never fully resolved after surgery…until the NovoTHOR

In 2012 I underwent shoulder surgery. When I returned to CrossFit, my shoulder was never 100 percent. I battled with pain on and off, while my performance slowly dropped. I sought NovoTHOR as a last resort before I decided if I wanted to undergo surgery again. Not only was I able to compete without restrictions within the first few weeks, but I achieved massive personal records on movements that were hindered by my shoulder pain. I added 7lbs to my snatch and 10lbs to my clean after years of 2-3lbs increases. NovoTHOR has made it possible for me to follow my passion of competing pain-free while reaping the benefits of increased performance.

Tim Payne – CrossFit

Chronic neck and knee pain resolved with NovoTHOR – now ready for 2017 CrossFit Open

I started using NovoTHOR after months of knee irritation left me unable to squat. I also injured my neck and a Cat Scan indicated that my chronic neck pain was due to a slightly herniated disk in my cervical spine. For the next month, I started noticing that the excruciating pain I felt on a day to day basis that hindered me from doing certain movements in CrossFit, started declining the more I did NovoTHOR. Not only was I noticing a decrease in pain, but I noticed an overall improvement in my recovery from workouts, and I was starting to receive a deeper night’s sleep. Just about 6 weeks after starting NovoTHOR I hit a 10# PR on my Clean and Jerk at 315#, a number that I thought was untouchable due to my neck and knee pain. I’m now able to squat and do many other movements pain-free, just in time for the 2017 CrossFit Open.

Chase & Mary Lou – Cross Fit

Setting new personal records after using the NovoTHOR in conjunction with training

16.1 is a specific Cross-Fit workout

  • 20 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of

    • 25-ft. overhead walking lunge

    • 8 burpees

    • 25-ft. overhead walking lunge

    • 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Chase and I both did it on Friday and got the “first try” times.

                                           First try                   Two days later and after

                                      at the workout            NovoThor that morning

Chase I.                             10:49                                    9:53

Mary Lou W.                     12:44                                   11:42

Then over the weekend and Monday did NovoTHOR and got MUCH MUCH better times! We both shaved over 1:00 off of our time which many people were not doing!

Maggie R Dallas Tx – Hamstring strain

NovoTHOR sped up recovery from injury

My hamstring has been hurting after longer runs, after NovoTHOR use it doesn’t bother me and I have more energy.

Michael S – Muscle Soreness

NovoTHOR reduces or eliminates post-exertional muscle soreness.

With regular NovoTHOR use, I have a discernible decrease in muscle pain the following mornings when getting out of bed.

Hope A. – Soccer Injury

NovoTHOR speeds recovery from injury

I have had chronic pain in my foot that nothing seems to fix. After a few NovoTHOR sessions I am able to play soccer without the pain.