There seems to be an epidemic of pain in recent times. The use and abuse of addictive opiate pain relievers in the US is at an all-time high. Although there is not yet agreement over all the different causes, it appears that a significant increase in inflammation associated with increased levels of Reactive Oxidative Species (also known as free radicals) in our cells and tissues appears to lie at the root of this epidemic.

Inflammation in our tissues caused by oxidative stress leads to arthritis (inflammation of the joints), myositis (inflammation of the muscles), tendonitis (inflammation of tendons), spondylitis (inflammation of the spine), neuritis (inflammation of the nerves) and vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels). This then results in joint pain, muscle pain (also known as fibromyalgia), tendon pain, back pain, nerve pain (neuropathy) and vascular diseases like heart attack and stroke.

Rapid advancement in the science of the role of Light as a tool to reduce this inflammation has resulted in the publication of hundreds of articles proving that certain wavelengths (colors) of light play a direct role in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Texas Laser Therapy in New Braunfels, Texas, has recently introduced two tools which have demonstrated through sound research to safely, quickly and inexpensively offer the natural use of light to reverse oxidative stress and associated inflammation. Thor Laser’s NovoTHOR is a light therapy bed (it looks like a tanning bed) that illuminates the whole body for a few minutes each session with millions of photons of red and near-infrared light. Unlike tanning beds that use ultraviolet light, the red and infrared wavelengths of light from the NovoTHOR have not been shown to causes skin cancer since there is no damage to the skin’s DNA. The light causes a very slight warming sensation. The photons interact with mitochondria in the skin to liberate nitric oxide which is an important signaling molecule shown to open-up small blood vessels. Since the nitric oxide competes with oxygen in the cytochrome C photoreceptors of the mitochondria, liberating nitric oxide allows oxygen molecules to bind instead allowing the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the fuel source needed to power over 90% of our energy pathways in the body. These mitochondria are our body’s power plants that also generate our body heat. Reduced mitochondrial ATP production is one reason we feel cold and fatigued and can’t lose weight.

In addition to the NovoTHOR, Texas Laser Therapy also offers treatment with the Thor Laser LX2 which illuminates intense red and near-infrared light directly to areas of the body experiencing increased inflammation and pain such as joints and muscles. The LX2 treatments are administered by a trained therapist according to existing treatment protocols that have been published by Thor Laser.

Treatment packages and monthly subscriptions are available to allow multiple treatments at affordable prices. There is much more information available on the Texas Laser Therapy –

About Wally Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor practices integrative medicine at Texas Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas. After obtaining a general medical doctorate degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas he completed a general medical internship and residency training in head and neck surgery ENT and allergy. After 20 years service in the US Army Medical Corps and practice in Colorado and Texas he founded Texas Integrative where he now offers a functional holistic approach to disease which treats the entire individual instead of each separate symptom. He has found more satisfying results using this Systems BioIndividualized approach. His motto is “Health and Wellness from Head to toe”. office phone 512-420-9300

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